Choose Your Textured Finish

Colourcrete offer wide range of textured finishes:

Hand or Machine Trowel Finish

hand8_1 This is usually the finish of choice when it comes to easy-clean applications such as internal floors, garages and industrial flooring. Either by hand or machine, this ensures a smooth, flat finish.

Acid Etched Finish

paste_1383005265 Acid etching is a process in which an acid solution applied over an existing concrete surface exposing sand and fine aggregates, giving sandy grainy texture. This is done in many cases to prepare concrete for sealing but is also widely used as a finished texture. When used in this way it gives you concrete a more natural effect and feel.

Broom Finish

paste_1383006556 The standard broom finish is typically for outdoor, non-slip applications including footpaths, driveways, patios and especially pool surrounds. Just before the concrete hardens, the broom is pulled across the surface leaving a textured finish.

Swirl or Drag Finish

paste_1383007670 Extremely unique the swirl or drag finish can be created by hand or machine, by smearing the surface of the concrete in uniform or random overlapping circular pattern. Drag Finish is a similar texture to broomed but with a unique difference to complement your project.

Ground or Polished Finish

Ground or polished concrete is created by mechanically grinding the top off hardened concrete. You can achieve a variety of looks from a fine grind 1-2mm (salt and pepper) to a very heavy grind 4-5 (exposing all the large aggregate). For further information on which is best for your project please contact us for helpful professional advice.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

paste_1383102032 (Exposed pebble or stone) Exposed aggregate finish gives the concrete a natural stone look, as well as a non-slip surface. The different sizes and types of stone used in the concrete mix are what gives the concrete its beautiful and natural appearance. There is a large variety of stone from natural round pebble to crushed rock. Blending these with coloured concrete gives you endless variations and colours to suit your project.

Stamped / Imprinted Finish

paste_1383103264 Imprinted concrete is achieved by stamping freshly laid concrete with textured mats that imitate the look of natural stones and slate. Imprinted concrete is more cost effective than using traditional stone and slate on your footpaths, driveways and patios.