Solvent Based Acrylic

Colourcrete series 5000 acrylic sealer is a 100% solvent based clear coating suitable for sealing all concrete products including pattern stamped, stencilled, coloured and plain concrete, texture coat toppings, exposed aggregate and terracotta tiles etc.

The sealing process produces a hard, yet flexible clear film. They are non-yellowing and have excellent resistance to water, alkalis and mild acids. They contain a UV absorber to improve protection from ultraviolet light and protection against premature fading or bleaching of colours.

Areas of use for Colourcrete CreteSeal 5000 Series acrylic sealers include commercial or residential driveways, roadways, patios, pathways, floors or wherever concrete surfaces that may require a protective sealer coating.

The CreteSeal 5000 Series Sealer Range

CreteSeal 5000: Colourcretes standard solvent based acrylic sealer
CreteSeal 5500: Colourcretes High Solids Contractors strength Sealer
CreteSeal 5500FD: Fast Drying High Solids Contractors Strength Sealer


The Colourcrete Sealer range can be applied by brush, roller or spray to a clean, dry surface uniformly without puddles.

For best results it is recommended that two coats be applied, allowing the first coat to dry for approximately 2-3 hours at 20ºC. Do not apply to wet / damp surfaces or when rain is imminent. The product will dry slowly if applied at temperatures below 10ºC.

It is recommended to dilute the 5500 sealer by 15-30% with Colourcrete Xylene for the first coat.


The Colourcrete Solvent Sealer range will cover approximately 4-6 square metres per litre depending on surface porosity and method of application.

Colourcrete Satin Sealer

By the addition of a flattening agent to the final coat a satin finish can be achieved.
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CreteSeal 5000 Concrete Sealer
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CreteSeal 5500 Concrete Sealer
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