Concrete Range

Release Agent

realising_agentColourcrete Release agent is a dry blend of chemical powders and colour pigments designed for use in the imprinted/patterned stamped concrete process to allow the clean release of texturing tools from the concrete surface.

Concreting Tools & Machinery

We supply a full range of concreting tools and machinery.

Colourcrete Mix-In Granules

mix_granualsColourcrete Mix-In Granules is made of the highest quality pigments, as well as other ingredients designed to enhance the colour and improve the pigment dispersion. This colouring method can be utilised for concrete flatwork operations as well as vertical surfaces and other types of architectural concrete.

Colour Hardner

Colourcrete Colour Hardener is a pre-mixed, dry-shake, coloured concrete hardener. It is used for colouring and hardening freshly placed concrete which achives a surface that is substantially harder and more wear-resistant than regular concrete.