Release Agent

Colourcrete Release agent is a dry blend of chemical powders and colour pigments designed for use in the imprinted/patterned stamped concrete process to allow the clean release of texturing tools from the concrete surface. Colourcrete Release Powder also adds colour variation to the textured surface, providing an attractive two colour look that is part of most imprinted/patterned stamped concrete installations.

Colourcrete Liquid Release is a colourless ready to use liquid for pattern imprinted concrete and overlay screeds. Liquid release coloured tints avaliable.

Release Agent Features

  • Excellent release for texturing tools
  • Colour variation for textured concrete surfaces
  • Colourcrete release agent powder is available in 24 custom colours available on request
  • Colourcrete Liquid release is a colourless liquid and Tint Packs

Coverage Guidelines

70 – 100 square metres per 10 kg Pail for Colourcrete Release powder and 7 – 10 square metres per litre for liquid release. Coverage rates vary with the application technique, wind conditions and texture of the concrete prior to application.


It is highly recommended to develop and follow a routine maintenance schedule for all coloured concrete so that it will maintain a top quality appearance. Every 18 to 36 months, coloured concrete installations should be inspected, cleaned and resealed as required by volume and intensity of traffic. The need will depend on a number of factors including traffic conditions, geographical location and weather.

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