Coloured Concrete by Colourcrete

Property owners, landscape designers, and landscape architects are on the constant lookout for methods to improve the appearance of their properties and projects at a reasonable cost. Colourcrete coloured concrete meets that objective.

Use Colourcretes Mix-In Granules quality colouring system that colours concrete all the way through, known as integrally coloured concrete. Or use Broadcast on Top on site, Colourcrete Colour hardener which colours the top 2-3mm of the concrete. Coloured concrete can be used anywhere you use concrete and can have a variety of finishing techniques from plane troweled concrete, broomed, imprinted, exposed, cut and grouted, salted, sand blasted or polished.

Many of the above listed techniques can be used in combination with either internal or externally coloured concrete achieving a popular cost effective option. Coloured concrete is considered one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of a project.